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Skilled Job Search & Staff Recruiting

PRIMUS SEARCH specializes in job search and staff recruiting services for the healthcare industry, with a focus on sales and marketing corporate positions and physician assistants clinical positions. Our goal is to provide our client companies, hospitals and medical practices with the staff they need while ensuring those recruits are professional and skilled in the job they will be doing.
Interview - Staff Recruiting

First Contact

Potential candidates can check our Job Search page for open positions. If we have a position you feel you might be a good fit for, feel free to submit your resume.

Resume Submission

Once you find a position, or you want to become a part of our database and be informed of future available positions, send us your resume. Once you have submitted your resume, please remember to notify us of any future changes to your contact information.

Resume Requirement

At the top of your resume, please include your full name, complete home address, and ZIP code. Also be sure to list all contact phone numbers, and the email address you wish us to use. Resumes must be sent as a file attachment in Microsoft Word® document format.

Resume Evaluation

We want to ensure that each resume provides the best representation of you, your skills, your experience, and your accomplishments. We work with each applicant to correct resume revisions or recommend professional resume developers to provide support.


When you meet the qualifications to take on a position offered by one of our client companies, hospitals or medical practices - we conduct a phone interview. You will receive detailed information about the position and the company, hospital, or medical practice. We also work to understand what you have accomplished at each of your positions, so we can best match you to an employer.

Submission to Clients

We do not submit resumes to our clients without letting you know what the company, hospital, or practice is, and which position you’re a good fit for. Additionally, your resume is only submitted with your approval.

Additional Interview

In many instances it is the hiring manager and/or someone from Human Resources who will want to do the first telephone or face-to-face interview. Often we are asked to schedule this interview. If the first interview is successful, there usually is a second interview scheduled. Once you have engaged in the interview process, we will keep you updated on your progress from the clients’ perspective and work with you on strategies for the next interview.
Contact us to learn more about our skilled job search and staff recruiting services.
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