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Physician Assistant & Corporate Sales and Marketing Jobs

At PRIMUS SEARCH we are always looking to fill sales and marketing jobs, or to find the perfect physician assistants for our clinical practice clients. If you have the experience and knowledge, feel free to submit your resume and work with us.
Physician Assistant - Physician Assistants

Sales & Marketing

Over the years, we have recruited for sales, marketing and service jobs for many medical equipment, medical device, healthcare software and cold chain companies. These companies often request that we fill other positions as well.

Physician Assistants

There are now more than 200 programs for physician assistants in the United States. Our job is to place PA's in clinical jobs as they become available. One of our founders
was among the earliest graduates of these programs, and is a founding member and past president of the American Academy of Physician Assistants(AAPA). He developed and directed the physician assistant programs at Yale and St. Francis University. He also developed the PA Surgical Residency Program between Yale and Norwalk Hospital.
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Contact us to learn more about working as a physician assistant or in one of our corporate jobs.
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